Friday, February 1, 2008

what is my art worth?

Just thinking about pricing my art creations,and
I always find this the most difficult of all the aspects
of being an artist.
I know that I need to get back what I put in for materials
etc. but how much do I charge for my time and creativity?
I was showing my artsy daughter-in-law, Kate, something
on etsy yesterday. It's a beautiful fabric, yarn bracelet cuff.
I just am in love with the design and the colors but it's pretty
pricey. I'm not saying it's not worth it, it's just a bit too much
for me right now to spend.
And that is the dilemma I have with my own creations when
I am pricing them. What I've been doing is asking myself if
I were to see this art piece in the store, what price would
I personnally pay for it? I don't know if this is the best way
to price my creations but I just don't have any ideas on how
to do it other than this for now.
I just know that I love creating things and I hope others
will like them too.
If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear from you.
Go to and leave a message. or just blog
By the way, the sight with the fabric cuffs is " greavesdesign" on etsy.

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ettaking said...

I saw those. They ARE very pricey! And that's probably why she hasn't sold any yet.