Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm am so excited! My son showed me how to add photos to my blog and I tried it and it worked. Whew, that was scary! Anyway, here's a photo of a corner vignette in my home. It's best when you have a collection of items to display them all together and not randomly scattered around the room. Because when they are all over the place it tends to look like clutter but when they are all collected in one place they look like a collection. This is my collection of old and new perfume bottles.

The vase of flowers is an arrangement that was given to me as a thankyou from a tea where I gave a talk and demonstration on my vintage collages. Actually there wasn't a lot of talk because that is definetely not my forte but I loved demonstrating how I put my collages together. I also met my etsy friend sadie at this event. She has been a total inspiration to me in how she juggles family and art all together. Check out her site sadielouwho on etsy.

talk with you soon,


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