Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Women Entrepreneurs

Hi out there,
I just bought this new book called "crafting a business, make money doing what you love" and it's really wonderful! It is made up of a group of women who have all started their own business.
Some of them are quilters, some are doll makers, some are cake designers. The list goes on and on. And they also each give out a trade secret, for example, advice like: take the time to get away from your business, travel somewhere to revive your creative spirit, or it's drive, not luck, that fuels a successful career. Also at the end of each artists section they write what their dream is for their business.
The photos are great in this book and we get to see the artists creations as well as their work environment. Also at the end of the book are all the artists web sites so you can find out more about their work.
The book also includes a section on "your business plan", financing, presenting your vision and more.
I'm really enjoying this book because it really inspires me to not give up and just keep on doing what I love. For me, it really helps to see how other women started out and what keeps them going.
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Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing! May just have to get this book!
Southern Lady's Vintage
PS - I too am an Etsy seller and a member of the Cottage Style on tghe group! Nice to meet you!
Hope you will pop in and visit me!