Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Speaking about France....

Since I was talking about Paris France alot on my last post I thought I'd continue on that thought. Here are a couple more photos of my Paris bedroom.I try to keep a balance on how I decorate the area. There are so many pieces I could use to fill up the room but I want it to have a calming feel so I tend to not put out every Paris collectable I have at one time. Some of my treasures are stashed away waiting for the day when I decide that I need to freshen up the look. I really don't want the room to have a cluttered store appearance. This is a difficult task because I have many beautiful pieces that I want to display but if I put them all out at once..... chaos!

I find that for me, decorating with less is better. I'm not saying this is true for everyone. I was perusing another artists blog the other day and her home was filled with art! On the walls, on the furniture, it was amazing. If I can get her permission I'll put it up on my next blog so you can see it too. It will astound you! When I see artists homes that have taken a chance and let their inner creativity outside the box, it really inspires me to not be afraid with my own creative process.

Here's my thought for the day, whatever your style of decorating is, whether it's sparse or eclectic, or super artsy etc. don't be afraid to just take the leap and go with what makes you happy. Our homes should bring us a sigh of relief when we walk through the front door not a sense of dread. Make your decorating a statement of who you are, not of what the world thinks it should be. And most of all, have fun, remember it's only paint!



Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your approach to decorating, it is your home so it needs to speak to you and feel right to you, more importantly. I don't like showcase looking homes, but that might be just what someone else is looking for. I get a lot of guff for having a yellow and green kitchen but it is what feels right to me. My bathroom is ultra girlie with pink roses and such. It is all what feels right to the person who has to live in it.

starrynightimpressions said...

and I love your kitty cat.