Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art for a good cause

Hi all,
There's an event happening in our town on October 25th called "Paint The Town Pink" that raises funds for the advancement of breast cancer care and they were calling out for artists to donate art for the silent auction and I answered the call! 
I had a blast creating a collage canvas for the event and hope that whoever bids on it will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Of course it's all in pink and I just love the Maori proverb I added "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you" It is a proverb that the Maori Indians used during times of adversity. 
We all face adversity at various times in our lives and having a life threatening illness must be very scary and difficult. I pray that this event brings hope and inspiration to people facing this adversity and that the artwork donated by all the artists helps bring some of that hope to all who need it.

 Talk to you all soon,

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shopping with sea breezes swirling at your feet.

Hi everyone,
My last post raved about the quaint little town of Astoria Oregon which I still am talking about 2 months later lol,  but I cannot leave out the other wonderful ocean town that we visited on our trip up north as well. The beach town of Bandon Oregon. Next time here I'd like to stay for a few days because just a couple of hours was not enough! It was a bit foggy the day we visited which was a treat actually because our next stop would be to Redding Calif where that day was forecasted to be 100 degrees, so fog was a welcome friend while there. As we leisurely strolled through the town I happened upon the cutest, creative shop called "Patina" that I must tell you about. One of the owners was in the store that day and we had the best conversation about vintage repurposed treasures and the joy they bring as they are brought back to life with a bit of artistic resourcefulness and creativity. Hope you enjoy the photos and that they bring a bit of creative thinking to your day and give you your own ideas and how to turn trash into treasure. And make sure to stop by this darling shop when ever you visit the beach town of Bandon. You will be happy you did.
Talk to you soon,
Pure joy

Hmmmm, what could I make with these?

Old chair with new charm

Oooohhhhh, treasures!

Love, love, love this wall. Old book pages glued onto wallpaper background.

Vintage dresser drawers used as shelves, genius!!!

Patina owner pulled this out of a garbage pile and turned it into beauty!

Imagination and creativeness is all it takes

Friday, August 24, 2012

You have to visit Vintage Hardware in Astoria Oregon!

Hi all,
A few weeks ago my husband and I took a road trip to Idaho to visit friends and thought we'd make a vacation out of it at the same time. Idaho, Seattle Washington and Astoria Oregon were our stopping spots.
 We loved it all but my fav was Astoria, it's a quaint little town right on the border of Oregon and Washington right along the Columbia river. It's the last stopping point that the explorers Lewis and Clark took while making their way west in 1805. We stayed at the Cannery Pier Hotel, which used to be the old cannery and is now a gorgeous upscale hotel, if you ever are in the area, you must stay here!!!

Our view every day and night

sunset view from our balcony

so romantic
mural art on old cannery building in Astoria

This was our view every day!
While enjoying this sleepy historical town, I discovered one of the most amazing stores I've ever been too, I'm not kidding! I could of hung out for hours in this place and would of if I hadn't run out of funds lol!
It is called "Vintage Hardware" and it is a crafter/artists dream! Every old rusty piece of hardware you can think of resides within this historic vintage buildings walls. Along side of vintage tin, ancient blueprints, old door knobs, peeling painted wood columns and much more then I could ever list, resides wonderful new home decor, lamps, pillows and furniture. I probably looked like a complete fool as my mouth hung open in awe as I perused each room. But I didn't care because this place caused my mind to be blown with it's reclaimed and repurposed treasures and gave me ideas galore of things I could create at home. The store creators are Paul and Becky and I declare them super amazing for creating this beautiful, unique venue!
If you are ever in this neck of the woods (sea) you must stop in and shop and take in the cool architecture.
Make sure you visit this place! if you are in Astoria


more treasures.....

the architecture in this bldg is amazing!

a recyclers paradise

I'll take one of each

Vintage beauty

this is the ceiling, covered in burlap with added window panes and doors!

who would of thought? so cool!

Hope you enjoyed all the photos, as much as I enjoyed taking them.( the store clerk was so friendly and let me click away)
I'll talk to you all soon,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rusty, chipped, old stuff! I love it!

Roses and Rust vintage flea market heaven!
I'm telling you, when we walked through those shabby chic, rusty doors I was in heaven. My daughter and I spent 4 hours there and that was going at a pretty good pace so we would get it all in. It was a little overwhelming somewhat but in a good way lol. I did go away with some goodies but not enough! Also, the vibe was super great, just to be around people who love all that rusty, chipped, worn stuff was truly fun.
It was wonderful knowing that there are other kooky people who think rust and chips are treasured marks on an item. The ladies who put this event on really know their stuff, and did an amazing job on choosing the vendors and artists.  Enjoy the photos, and maybe I'll see you at the next rust and roses event in Oct!
this says it all, and I love it!

Main floor fun!
More fun!

Two floors of pure bliss
Tina from My favorite things
Tina and her mom, sooo cute!
Tina's booth of glitter fun.

Sacred river designs, loveeee that ruffle tablecloth

PB & J, the cutest clothes!! Shabby chic, bohemian style

My daughter Juliet, purchasing a vintage camera.

Sera bella, I bought the french window frame chalkboard in the back!!!

 I found out that Sera bella has a shop in Redding, so next time I visit there guess where I'm headed!
Talk to you all soon,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My first art showing!

Hi all,
Last Wednesday I installed my first collection of collages in a local ice cream shop called Treats. Excitement and nervousness all rolled into one on that morning. Why you ask? Because it's always been a dream and a goal of mine to get my art work out there in the "real world" for public eyes to see. A dream filled with hope and joy but  a dream and goal filled with apprehension and vulnerability as well. It's a scary thing to put yourself out there for strangers to see and critique but at the same time it is exciting to know people are seeing my creativeness and hopefully they also will find joy viewing my art.
Thankfully my sister in law Becky came along to help me because it took a bit longer then I thought it would to get everything into place, hanging correctly and taking pics. You don't just go in and hang the art on the wall lol.
The owner of the shop Peggy was there also and had such encouraging words for me and my collages. She had asked me to do a collection of whimsical sweet treat pieces and it was great to know she was happy with the results.
I love it that her customers can come in to enjoy a scoop of ice cream or sweet treat and a little bit of art all at once!
Hope you enjoy seeing my sweet treat collection,
cute enough to eat!

The whole collection!