Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rusty, chipped, old stuff! I love it!

Roses and Rust vintage flea market heaven!
I'm telling you, when we walked through those shabby chic, rusty doors I was in heaven. My daughter and I spent 4 hours there and that was going at a pretty good pace so we would get it all in. It was a little overwhelming somewhat but in a good way lol. I did go away with some goodies but not enough! Also, the vibe was super great, just to be around people who love all that rusty, chipped, worn stuff was truly fun.
It was wonderful knowing that there are other kooky people who think rust and chips are treasured marks on an item. The ladies who put this event on really know their stuff, and did an amazing job on choosing the vendors and artists.  Enjoy the photos, and maybe I'll see you at the next rust and roses event in Oct!
this says it all, and I love it!

Main floor fun!
More fun!

Two floors of pure bliss
Tina from My favorite things
Tina and her mom, sooo cute!
Tina's booth of glitter fun.

Sacred river designs, loveeee that ruffle tablecloth

PB & J, the cutest clothes!! Shabby chic, bohemian style

My daughter Juliet, purchasing a vintage camera.

Sera bella, I bought the french window frame chalkboard in the back!!!

 I found out that Sera bella has a shop in Redding, so next time I visit there guess where I'm headed!
Talk to you all soon,


littlethings1 said...

I am jealous ! Looks like that would of been a lot of fun !!! Way too many cute things ! Love your collages you have in shop , just fabulous !

myeuropeantouch said...

YOu know green, I am soooooo looks like fun overload. I wish I was closer...LOL...♥♥♥
Fabulous, Monika

blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Deborah,
Thank you for your visit and for are so sweet! I appreciate your kind words!!
So happy to be following you as well. Loving Rust and Roses...wish I lived closer!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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myeuropeantouch said...

(Sigh) I wish I was there....♥♥♥

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Starry Night Impressions
I loved this blog post. I couldn't have said it any better to be honest!