Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Train trip to Utah

Hi all,
If you want to take it slow and easy on your next trip, then take the train. I just recently traveled this way on my trip to visit relatives in Utah and even though it was alot of sitting (12 hours) there's just nothing like traveling by the rail. I happily snagged a window seat going both ways and was able to take wonderful photos through the train window. There's not much to see going through Nevada but the ride through the Sierras is amazing and Salt Lake was pretty cool too. I love how on the train everyone is so low key, and there's no checking of your id or what's in your luggage and you can bring all the food and drink you need on board. And if you don't bring your own food there's a cafe and also a reserved seating diner. There's also a observation car that is total windows and has tables so you can play cards or games.
The train host and hostesses are constantly walking down the isles, so it feels pretty safe and there's tons of leg room and huge seats to sit in!
So if you ever need a bit of stress free travel and you also have the time, I highly recommend the rail.
Here are some of my photos, maybe they'll inspire you to take a trip sometime.
talk to you soon,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a "Where bloggers create" party!

Hi to all fellow bloggers and wonderful readers!

Today is the "where bloggers create" party and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group of artists that also blog.
My space at this moment in time is creating at my family room table and all my supplies are stored in my closet.
I also have an old vintage trailer on our property where I store various objects that will one day be restored into treasures. (at least that's what I try to convince my family of, lol)
And if you are a regular reader of my blog you will remember a couple of posts back that my hubby is in the process of building me my very own studio, separate from the house.
But for now it's at my table :)
Hopefully this blogging event today will bring to all of you the knowledge that creating is possible anywhere!
Whether it's at a dining room table, in a closet, in a studio, a living room corner, a spare bedroom etc. if you have the desire to create you can make it happen.
Enjoy my creating space photos and happy blogging to you all,
The above pics are inside of my trailer, I bet some of you would love to dig around and find the good stuff!
I also have my rubber stamp collection in here.

This is where I sit and create for now, the chair to the right is exactly where I sit to create magic :)
The closet!

There is some organization, at least to my eye :) and the last photo is my future studio space. This will be my view, out to my garden and many gorgeous sunsets.
Hope you enjoyed the photo shoot.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi all,
Just wanted to show you my birthday card vignette on display in my front room. Don't you love cards? I sure do. And the lovely flowers from my son add to the beauty of it all. Hmmmm, I wonder what this coming birthday year will bring? I predict lots of joy, creativity and family, here's to many more bdays :)