Thursday, April 30, 2009

ZNE is here!

Hi all,
Yeahhhh, I made it to the Marriot Pleasanton hotel and then zipped over to the Studio 7 art gallery where the ZNE registration began.
Chel (she's the one in the yellow and white) is the ZNE creator and she is sooooo organized!
We all received huge goodie bags and fun stuff and we enjoyed the most beautiful and delicious chocolate bon bons!!!!
Wonderful guitar player and singer, John Troast, was there to serenade us all as we walked
around the gallery and got to know all the other artists and ZNE attendees.
Then a bunch of us jaunted down the street to a local shop and spent our 5$ gift certificate. Of course, most of us spent more then the 5$, lol.
And the best part of all for me is that I got to meet my etsy forum friend Pam Carriker in person!
She is as sweet and wonderful as I thought she would be :)
Tomorrow starts our workshops with a group of amazing artists (photo below shows 8 of the instructors).
I am taking a class from Anna Corba. I even brought her book along with me so I can get her to sign it. And then the next day I am taking a class from Brandi on creating backgrounds for collaging etc.
The classes will be all day, with a lunch break, so we'll all be pretty tired I'm sure by the end
of the day, but oh so inspired too!
Oh! the only bad part of the day? My car started acting strange after the registration, but happily got me back to the hotel.
So tomorrow, I have to call AAA to come tow it to the autoshop!
Happily, the hotel has a shuttle to take us all to the convention center for our classes so I'm trying not to stress out about it and to just think about the art!!!! lol

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and I'll keep you all posted on all the fun as the days go along.

talk to you soon,


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Keep those pictures coming!!!!!

ArtSnark said...

What a blast! Thanks for sharing

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Just so happy that you didn't break down out on the road!! Try not to worry over it and just enjoy your ZNE time!! Your classes sound like lots of fun!! Be safe!!

Denise said...

sounds great! Would love to be there with you ;) Maybe someday. Maine is a bit of a trek! I have Anne's book also - it's fabulous!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi all,
Just want to let you know that everything is great, picking up my car tonight and totally enjoying all the artists and ZNE adventure.
I'll blog again on Sunday!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi! wanted to let you know that one of your pictures has been featured at
Hope you enjoy it,