Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting my art work "out in the real world"

Hi all,

Today I took a few of my mixed media collages to a local bead shop that is in the process of starting an art gallery to go along with their bead store.

I brought in a large and a medium work and then some smaller pieces, along with one painting.

The owner seemed to like what I brought and said no one else had brought in collages yet, so I
took that as a good sign. I like bringing art work to people that they are not familiar with and the owner thought so too.
The shop is wanting to bring more local artists into their store and will be doing a feature table on each individual artist as the month progresses. Along with advertising and such, I think it would be a nice opportunity to get my art "out there" into the real world, lol.

The only drawback is that they want a 60/40 commission and that is difficult for me to go along with, because I already don't make a very big profit on my art work as it is and this would really bring my profit down to miniscule!
But on the other hand, like I said previously, it would get my collages in the publics eye, so......

For me, and for many artists, the business side of being an artist is frustrating and some times discouraging.
And it can put us into a creative slump because we start second guessing our artistic talent.
Thoughts like "maybe I should just give up this art stuff" or "who would want to buy something I created" etc. run frantically through our fragile artists spirits.
I'm thinking that these thoughts have invaded every creative persons thoughts, whether you are a writer or musician, artist or inventor.
It is all a part of being creative and sharing with the world what we love.
So, with that said, lol,
I will venture on with my "art career", for to stop being an artist would be like cutting off my arm or leg. It would impare me beyond imagination and cause me much sorrow.
And whether or not my art work sells is really not the issue, the issue for me is what brings me joy?
What can I bring to this world that will also bring a feeling of hope, peace and imagination to others.
I want my legacy to be one of joy and passion.

How about you, what can you bring to this world and when you bring it forth does it edify others and make them hopeful?
I pray with all my heart that it does.

talk to you soon,


ArtSnark said...

Good for you!! The split can be annoying but the exposure might be worth it.

When I used to show, I would often encounter repeat buyers. Also got most of my commissions from people who had seen my work "out there"

Good luck with this new venture! From here on it gets easier to approach B&M locations

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That a girl! I totally share your feelings. I'm surprised every time someone buys something I made...I don't even tell customers that I make most of the stuff in our store. Luckily, my sister is my partner and she does the pricing...otherwise we would loose & every time!!I wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

Cottage In The Sun said...

That is a pretty tough split, but your work is beautiful, so maybe you will be able to raise your prices soon or work up to a better split. When I was on another e-site, I got almost as many custom orders (that did not go through the site) from the exposure as I did actually sales from the site.
And I definitely agree, it's always so uplifting when someone purchases an item for a special event and brings special meaning to it. -All the best!

Shirley said...

The split can be annoying, but it can possible help get your art out there. I sold on commission and she sold everything that I took her. Part of it would sell faster then I could get it done. My split wasn't quite that steep, but I miss it because I sold faster then my etsy shop. She closed her shop and I miss it. I really like your art work.

Sweetina said...

So glad you wrote this,Deb. You have no idea how the timing is perfect for what is going on right now with me!
Thanks for your words of wisdom.