Monday, October 6, 2008

So many ideas, not enough time!

Hi all,
Do you ever have stages in your life where you just have so many creative ideas floating around in your mind that you end up doing none of them because it is kind of overwhelming?
Well, I sure do.
But I am determined to not let that happen so I figured that if I write them down here in black and white print for you all to see, then it will help me to bring the ideas into fruition and hopefully hold me accountable to my creativity, lol.

So here's a few of my ideas.

1.)I've been thinking of starting a line of creations along the lines of teacups, teapots and such for my new shop on the soon to be launched site of Lollishops.
2.)I'm going to give a blog tea party for all my blogging friends in a couple of weeks. They'll be tea and cookies and even party favors.
3.)I'm thinking of writing a book about creativity and menopause.
4.)I want to start a blog all on the subject of Vincent van gogh

believe me there's more, but at this moment in time that's all I can grab from my brain right now, so if you see me starting to just lounge around eating bon bons looking like I have nothing more to do with my time than to , well, lounge, just give me a little shout out reminding me that there's creating to do and to get busy!

talk to you soon,


Sherry said...

Okay girl, you made me tired just reading all the things you want to do -- :) it's wonderful to be so filled with creative juice!!!

Jean Knee said...

I'll definitely be at the tea party.

check this out :)

Justin said...

I most absolutely definitely know what you are talking about!

Anonymous said...

You are inspiring me!!! And I know 100% what you mean when you say that all of this creativity is overwhelming! Best wishes!