Friday, October 31, 2008

Altered art book auction!

Hi all,

I wanted to give a little shout out to an up and coming event that is going to be held in November.

It's a charity auction with all of its proceeds going to the organization called NCCS.
Which stands for National Childrens Cancer Society.

One of my online artist friends has organized this event and I am so honored to be a part of it.
Her name is Jewel,
and if you'd like to read more about how this idea got started and why go to
and believe me when I tell you, that this story will touch your heart, because it will!

There will be about 20 artists contributing to this book and it's going to be amazing! I've already seen a few of the pages and they are beautiful. (see a few of the pages:

We were all encouraged to just create in any style that we wanted, no set boundaries, so I decided to create my pages with lots of texture. I know that children love to touch and feel things so I included lots of fuzzy and soft surfaces for them to enjoy. And my theme of" love one another" and flowers, is universal!

I also included one of my fav quotes, "In loving you, I am forever changed".
I believe that each and every person we meet has worth and changes our hearts in some way, and
my hope for this altered art book is for two things, that it brings people together to fight against this evil disease of cancer, and that it brings joy, love and peace to each and every person who comes in contact with it.

blessings to you all,


Jean Knee said...

this is so awesome Deborah.

Smashgirl said...

Wow, what a wonderful thing to be a part of, it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

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