Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life just flys by

Hello all,

My goodness, how time flys! I have been so into creating my collages for the open house last week that my blogging and other sites just sat in cyber space all alone. lol

I wanted to show a few photos of the open house but my dear hubby has the memory card for the camera, so the photos of the collage showing will have to wait til tomorrow. But here is my latest mini collage, which I just had so much fun creating. There's something about the colors black and cream that just make me think of romance. So I added the image of an embracing couple to the back of a piece of vintage sheet music using a rubber stamp and added a bunch of embellishments.
I wonder what colors bring a feeling of romance to your artsy creations? Maybe, Victorian Red or Tiffany blue?
I'll leave you with that question to ponder and will talk to you all soon,

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