Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guest artist

Hi, I got some great news today, I am going to be the guest artist at a local shop in my town.

A few months back I had gone into this little shop to browse the wonderful treasures on their shelves and the owner was in there and somehow we got onto the subject of my making collages. So next time I was in town I brought a few by for the shop owner to look at and she asked me if I would like to be her featured artist at her spring open house. Of course I said yes and now it's almost here. I have two weeks to create a new line of french inspired vintage collages. So I started today in preparing the canvases with my background colors and now on to the really creative part, the design.

Just yesterday someone told me of an estate sale going on down the street in an old victorian house so of course I hurried right on over there and it was wonderful.I got there at the end of the day but the kind of stuff that I look for doesn't usually sell that fast, so I got the best deals!! All kinds of old vintage lace and crocheted potholders(sold for 25cents each!) a few old photos, and a pile of vintage crocheted doilies. So now I have plenty of inspiration for my new collages.
The old victorian house was/is an inspiration all by it self. Tin paneled ceilings and detailed dental molding, I was just so awed by this lovely old house, it even made me a little emotional to be walking through it with all it's memories. The couple who had owned it were a husband and wife and the husband had been a stuntman for hollywood movies and in between that they had traveled the world together. So romantic!
I felt privileged to have walked through their doors and now to have a few of their treasures and to be able to use them in a new way is just a wonderful feeling.
The people giving the sale said there would be another sale soon of the downstairs rooms as soon as they could organize and price everything. So I will be back.
Let me tell you I was so tempted to buy one of the many victorian mirrors that were on display. There was one particular mirror with carving on the top and a mini painting of a victorian couple dancing that just made me swoon when I saw it. But they were asking 350$ for it so I passed it by.
As you can see from my collage photo of my victorian lady, that I truly love the victorian style. I really think I was born in the wrong era. Oh, but then I wouldn't be here talking with you all and I would miss that.
I'll talk to you soon,

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Congrats on the store!! They are lucky to have you! I would love to see that house, it sounds fabulous--if only I weren't 2000 miles away! lol I am totally jealous of all the lace and goodies.
Smiles, Karen