Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to my usual posting!!!

Hi all,

I am still trying to figure out this photo editing thing and cannot for the life of me get it right!!!
So I will leave it all behind for now and just post my regular way!

Last week I entered one of my collages into the local fair and I wanted to show you all what the collage looks like.
Lately sunflowers have been permeating my vision everywhere I go. So, I decided to create a sunflower piece and called it "ode to van gogh".
I really like how it turned out and hope that the fair goers enjoy it too.

I used a bright blue for the background because van gogh loved his blues and then added some crackle over yellow ocre to give it a peeling vintage look.
I also added tiny glass beads to the centers of the stamped sunflowers and loved how it came out! Kind of looks like real seeds.
The main sunflower is made out of vintage wallpaper pieces and a bit of corrugated paper and then I added a fringe tassel, fluffed up, for the center of the sunflower.
The stem is a piece of olive green vintage fringe.
and of course I couldn't stop myself from adding a few vintage buttons here and there!!! lol

That's my van gogh inspired collage! Hope you enjoyed the photos and maybe next post I'll get the photo issue settled, ha!
Talk to you soon,


ArtSnark said...

How fun! great depth & texture

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Cool!! I love it!! Sunflowers always bring a smile to my face!! Great collage!

Denise said...

very nice Deborah. Vincent would be pleased.