Thursday, July 30, 2009

My new lovelies!

Hi all,
Oh my goodness, I haven't blogged for a week! Have you noticed?
It's always a toss up of spending time on the computer or creating at my art table. I guess that means that the art table won over the computer this last week, lol.

I've recently joined up with a online selling site called "Glitter and Grunge". I met the owners when I had gone to the ZNE retreat back in March. So, I checked into their site and I love it! So now I have a shop on there called Starrydeborah the same name as my etsy shop, but I sell different items then on etsy. I started a line of dress form lovelies that will be my main focus on G & G.
Mainly french themed dress forms, but foo foo kinds too, lol. Some of the forms will be stand alone designs and some will be attached to containers.
They are one of a kind creations and take a bit of time to make them but I am loving them!
I start off with a cut out wooden shape that I order from a great shop on etsy called "popalicioustoo". And then I just start creating from there.

Hope you like seeing my little works of art.
I'll be making many more designs as time goes on and if you get a chance check out Glitter and Grunge and see all the other wonderful artists on there.
Talk to you soon,


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh I love them!! I think my favorite is the pink and black dressed one!! Pops has the greatest MDF forms doesn't she!! Best wishes for your newest endeavor and your new selling place!!

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sitting here looking at my dress form/jewelry holder from Pops and comparing it to yours. I love mine, but yours are beyond fabulous!!

Shirley said...

I really like your new lovelies. I don't know which one I would choose because I like them both. Good luck on your new adventure Or at least that is how I refer to mine.

Lenore said...

Darling dress forms, Deb....why don't you sell them on etsy also.

Tiedupmemories said...

Your little lovelies are so sweet!The Glitter and Grunge site looks great!Have fun creating and selling!

Sadie Lou said...

We just joined forces with Glitter and Grunge, did you get that email?
So exciting!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh, those are fantastic!!!! Congrats on your new shop--I've been a fan of G&G for a long time now and you have to have a pretty wonderful style to get in there--no problem for YOU, that's for sure!! Good luck and much success with your new venture/adventure!
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

Beyond GORGEOUS! You did an outstanding job on those! The pink and black one is my favorite! Pops has the best MDF forms and I just love creating with them.