Monday, May 19, 2008

Hi all,

I was on someones blog the other day and they were showing an old chair of theirs and they were commenting about how it didn't fit into the decor of their art room. And so I thought I'd take a few photos of my chair and love seat that I felt the same about until I recovered them and made them "new" again.

When I originally purchased the set they were uphostered in a sage green with a cream and sage green striped piping around the edges. They were perfect for my color scheme at that time in my life, but as the years went by I was wanting a different look, still in the same colors somewhat but fresher. My thought at that moment was to sell them and just get a new chair and love seat, but I really couldn't afford that so..... Why not recover them myself? I've sewn chair cushion covers before and that would be easy but what about the rest of the areas? It then dawned on me that I had seen a magazine article of a woman who decorated her whole house by using her trusty ole glue gun and added beading to her curtains and mantels, and more! and I thought "hey, why not use the glue gun to attach new fabric to the chair and love seat!!! and let me tell you, it worked fantastic, it was easy, fun and I think, turned out wonderful.

I love it when I can take something that seems used up or worn and repurpose it and make it useable and lovely again. And I know, I must be making a true upholsterers hair stand up on end at this moment but this technique worked for me and gave me a new comfy chair and loveseat! All it took was an afternoon, a few yards of wonderful fabric, a glue gun, and a little bit of courage.(yeah, it's kind of scary to glue onto a couch, even if it is old!)

Plus it's a wonderful conversation piece, when friends find out how it was upholstered. They are amazed by what a person can do with a glue gun! and so am I! Happy gluing!!

talk to you soon,



Mrs.Kwitty said...

StarryDeborah--you are too cool!!! Love your reupholstery job--it's beautiful and original...and done with the true crafter's spirit!
Smiles, Karen

Marilyn said...

I LOVE this idea! They look beautiful!!!

mimi said...

oh Wow!!! all with a glue gun--go figure. I can not sew a stitch so this would be a wonderful project for me:) I love to repurpose too---I just wrote all about it on my blog. Great minds do think alike :)
Thanks for sharing this super idea