Sunday, January 27, 2008

I can't believe it!

This is an amazing accomplishment for me! I am entering the computer era.
Everything computer wise is very foreign to me so it will be slow going but
I have jumped in with both feet and desperately am hoping I do not drown.
This blog will be all about being artistic!!
That is what my life has always been about, in between having a family and
a hubby but now that the fam is all grown and out on their own creating I am
going into the artsy world full force. And yes my hubby is right by my side,
encouraging me to go crazy and create!!
So my first blog message is:
Never give up your passion! I've learned that if something is truly in your
soul that you cannot leave it behind without feeling a sense of incompleteness.
I'm not saying that you will always be living your passion everyday or even every
season of your life, but believe me it's still there for you as it was for me, simmering,
waiting for you to get back in there and create!!!
So don't get discouraged, keep on living your life and dreaming and it will
come together, I know it to be true, because it's happening to me!
Until next blog.....


Justin said...

21st century here you come! said...

welcome to the blogworld! It is a freindly and generous place to be!