Monday, February 6, 2012

Kate was surprised!

Organic raspberry cheesecake! Delicious
Surprise Kate!
Hi all,
My daughter in law Kate turned 30 in October and we threw her a 1930's themed surprise party.
The event was held at the Sacramento fine arts center which was fun for everyone as they perused the art gallery during the celebration. We had a photo shoot going on up on the stage during the party and we even had a mystery theatre production of "who stole the painting". We gave out prizes for best dressed and  had an art table for the kids, with clay, beading and coloring.
And of course lots of food was involved along with 30's music, dessert and champagne.
Most of all we wanted Kate to know how much we all love her and celebrate her. And I think it worked, lol.
Have fun looking at the photos and I'll talk to you soon,

Photos, flowers, champagne!

Art for the guests
1930's popular candies

Sister and Mom 1930's style
Some of the gang
Kate and Justin, sooo cute.

The beautiful birthday girl

Baskett family having fun

Glamor girl  Amanda 30's style

Gorgeous ladies

Picture perfect couple, Joel and Aimee

The Wandro gang

Actress's for sure

Yep, make a wish Kate

Cheers to you Kate

Glamorous drama girls!

We love you Katie! Happy Birthday.


Cynthia Laube said...
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Cynthia Laube said...

What a gorgeous party! Everything was so beautifully showcased and so much time and effort went into the theme and decor. And how, the dress ups were perfect. LOVE it!!!
LOL Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Of course... :0 ) So clever of Becky to wear her bridesmaid's dress from Kate and Justin's wedding. It's perfect.