Monday, February 28, 2011

Now this is what I call a great packaging presentation!

Hi all,
I recently ordered a bottle of laundry soap from a wonderful company called la bouquetiere. I've used their powdered soap in the past but I had ordered it from a different vendor at that time so I thought I would directly order from them this time around and I have to say, I am so thrilled I did!

French toile and lime green tissue paper had me at the opening lol and then it got even better as I dug deeper into the box.
The only item I ordered was the bottle of liquid laundry soap in the upper right hand corner of the box and everything else were samples! The four different cards are darling and each have a free sample of one of their products in them. Tea, laundry soap, body powder, and the petite pots have a generous portion of wonderfully aromatic lotions in them.
I was so blown away from the packaging that I called the company up and just ohhhed and ahhhed and blabbered away about how pretty it all was etc. The woman who I was talking too, was giggling over my response and said " we try very hard to make everything beautiful". Well, in my opinion they outdid themselves and I'm glad they did.

I always try to make my customers packages special and pretty too, but this company has inspired me to kick it up even more with my own shop orders.
 Thank you la bouquetiere for bringing such a joyful french surprise to my day!

Talk to you soon, 

PS. Check out their website when you get a chance, you'll be happy you did


Sadie Lou said...

I love great packaging! I'm a sucker for pretty labels but this takes the cake!

Denise said...

thanks for the link and info. I am going to check them out. what are your favorite laundry scents?