Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall is here

Hi all,
Just a few pics of a bit of fall color in my yard, it's funny how such small joys can fill my heart with such comfort, hope you love the color too.

talk to you soon,


Janet Ghio said...

Love those red berries!!

ArtSnark said...

Gorgeous! What is that top plant? How have you been - I've not blog hopped in forever.Wishing you a wonderful week

Southern Lady's Market said...


starrynightimpressions said...

Good question Artsnark! I found out that the berry plant is the Calif native plant "toyon" or sometimes called "Christmas berry or California Holly".
Its profusion in the Los Angeles hills and resemblance to European holly also inspired the name “Hollywood".
Fun facts, thanks for getting me to look it up,

Sara said...

gorgeous photos. I love taking pictures of red berries. Hugs Sara

pfd said...

Love your pictures and I feel the same way. Small things can make me happy.

ArtSnark said...

Thanks for the plant info. I'll have to find out if it grows in the south too.

Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend