Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tags and more tags!!!

Hi all,
Some of my etsy friends are really in the tag making mode lately and I just had to do a post today on some of my favorites.  Hope you like them too, and if you do, run over to their etsy shops and check out more.

Here's one of my favs! It's created by GaGa4GiftTags and I definitely am gaga over this shops tags. You may know the creator as SouthernLadysVintage.  I just love how Miss Southern combined the image and the fabric flower on the same tag. Gorgeous!!!

 Another shop that I love is "avintageobsession".  This etsy shop is filled with handmade teddybears,  vintage pocket watches and much more and the tags lately are sooooo cute. Like this french themed tag included with a bit of green French ribbon! Isn't it wonderful? This is a hard one for me to resist, lol.

This next shop is driving me crazy with all it's french inspired creations lately and this collage art tag is no exception. It's from the shop called "tinybeardk".  I totally love the frayed fabric and the stitching around the image. Now this is a tag I would keep for myself! No giving it away on a gift, lol.

This next shop, "ducttapeanddenim" always brings a smile to my face when I visit, and I love how they use vintage photo images in many of their creations. This is a set of Christmas tags (yes, that time of year is coming up quickly, lol) using the sweetest photo image of little children.  Beautiful!

That's just a few of the glorious tags  I've been seeing lately.  If you are interested in seeing more just go to Etsy and type in tags in the selection box.  My team is the cottagestyle team, so if you type cssteam into the selection box it will come up only tags from the cottage team.

Happy tagging,


A Vintage Chic said...

Such gorgeous tags, Deborah! Thanks for sharing them...thanks for your visit, too!


Lenore said...

Love your post,'s great to see other tags and get an idea of what others are creating.
Thanks for including my green ribbon and tag in your collection :)

ArtSnark said...

what fun! Ever check out the tag challenges over at ? they can be a lot of fun

Anonymous said...


Dragon said...

Hi Deb... really nice of you to post on my blog. I love doing all sorts of tags and thus started the challenge. I have two other blogs too with different work on them... come along and join in sometime

Lana said...

All all of them gorgeous Deborah! I really admire all of you who make such detailed lovely tags. :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Deborah I am so sorry that I haven't been here before now! My computer crashed and I have been computerless! LOL! Oh....I love all of these beautiful tags! How sweet of you to do this feature! I am so honored to have been included! Thank you so very much!

TinyBear said...

Those are some very beautiful tags - thank you so much for including me in your beautiful post Deborah. I´m honoured to be among.
xo Tina

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Very nice tags! :)

Scrapping With Sherry said...

It was ironic that you wrote about this, because lately I have been in a tag making mood. I had no idea it was the trend. For me it started when I wanted to play with all of my new Tim Holtz treasures. I didn't want to to anything to big because I was "just playing". Well, everyone loves them and I can't keep them long enough to get in my etsy store!

I came by today to introduce myself. My name is Sherry and I have joined the Bloggerette Sorority. I have only been blogging for almost 30 days so I missed the Rush, but I look forward to taking part in future events. I would be honored if you would like to come by for a visit at Hope to see you there!

Take Care~ Sherry

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Deb, I love tags and have purchased a few digital ones from ETSY and embellish them on my own..My creations are no where near as nice as some that are already done, but its fun to do..thank you for sharing, tags are a lot of fun, I do a lot of decor with them, too!