Monday, April 12, 2010

What did I do now?

Hi all, I don't know what I did to my blog this time, but I noticed that my last post didn't post it's entirety  on the front page.  It says "read more...." and my readers must click on it to see the rest of the post, so no pic is out on the front either. I don't know if it's something I did and can't remember how I did it, lol, or if blogspot is changing things up on me, so I am writing this to see if this happens again. And since it's such a rainy stormy day here in Calif today I'm displaying a photo of my garden pond from last year. I can't wait to fill it up with fresh colorful flowers again.
talk to you soon,


TinyBear said...

Hi Deborah
I noticed the 'read more' link - lol. This post is all normal - must have been your magic hands :D
Love the photo of your pond.
xo Tina

Michele Brooks said...

Gorgeous, I would love to have a pond in our backyard. I'm sure it's beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. Have a great week!

Tiedupmemories said...

Ooh I love that pond! Looks like fun to garden around!~Do you have koi in there too?

JoyAnna said...

Goodmorning Starry,
Hope you are feeling better now - even though I haven't been on the cssteam forum for over a week, I have read some of the posts and read that you were not feeling well for a few days. Hope you are back to your creative self now!
Beautiful garden pond, know you love it! - If and when I start a blog I'll post some pictures of our pond and flowers. In the summer it is almost covered with water lilies. I'm always worried i won't have enough to talk about - guess that would be one thing, huh?
Love you, Starry and hugs for the day!
Brenda of JoyAnna

Lenore said...

Your garden pond is fabulous, Deborah....and a few blooming flowers would make it even more fabulous.
This post seems to have turned out fine....I too have many difficulties with blogspot and suppose it must be me not

Linda said...

Oh,I love your pond. It's so peaceful looking.

Fete et Fleur said...

I've seen this feature on other blogs before. There must be some sort of option you accidentally pressed. Your pond is gorgeous! I've always wanted something like this in my garden. Thanks for the inspiration.


Stella said...

Great pond I know you can't wait to just go out and listen to it. Can't wait for some photos of it with all the flowers in bloom. I have several ponds in my backyard and love the sound of the tinkle of water.