Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloth bags revolution!!!

Hi all, my new mantra is "Where's your cloth bags"!?

I finally have gotten into the routine of using only cloth bags for my shopping trips. And I will even run back to the car to retrieve them in my hurriedness to get into the store.
Really, there's no reason to use plastic anymore! I encourage you all to do the same.
I will admit though that once in a while I do ask for plastic so I can reuse them in my trash cans at home but that is a rare request!
I was reading an article in Body and Soul magazine the other day on the statistics on plastic bag usage etc. and this one line just caught my attention and made me really think about what I am doing by using plastic. It said "on average, we use a plastic bag for 12 minutes; it will persist in the landfill for 1,000 years".
That statement just struck me straight to the heart! and made such an impression on me that I decided then and there to stop using plastic bags. The alternative? Cloth or if the occasion warrants it, carry out the product in my bare hands!!! lol, what a concept!
Of course, my hands can only hold about 2 items at a time so cloth is much more practical.
So, I went searching on etsy for shops that create and sell cloth bags and the list is amazing. If you want practical or pretty or even the two combined then there is a bag out there that is just for you. Here are a few of the shops that I thought were really fun and totally worth the look.
This simple shabby market bag from jlquilts is really cute. It's machine washable and ready to carry all your items in style!
Here's another shop on etsy that is worth the look Mrs. Kwitty's her creations are really feminine and light and perfect for the girly girl in all of us, here's one of my favs in her shop, it's the love bird bag, soooo cute!
and if you want to make a statement then you might like these bags from byorderofthecrown, and last but not least and the bag that I think would totally update my shopping style is this gorgeous bag from Joyanna and it's called the Nichole bag! now that's shopping in style :)

So there you have it , a few links to get you started, hope they bring you inspiration and causes one less plastic bag in the landfill.
talk to you soon,


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Not your BARE HANDS!! lol I do that too if it's just a couple things...tell them to skip the bag, I'll just carry it and often they look at you like you're nuts and ask "really?" lol!! Love the post, it's so true, we really need to think about these things. I recently watched a video about those plastic bags and what a menace they are on our environment and wildlife that made a very big impression on me. Cloth bags it is, and the occasional paper bag for lining my recycle bin!
Thanks for featuring my little Love Birds bag too--you are such a sweety!
Smiles, Karen

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Wonderful post Starry!! And if you happen to have a stash of those plastic bags on hand and know how to knit or crochet upcycle them and knit or crochet your market bags out of those plastic bags and use them up for market bags instead of dumping them in the landfills!

Lenore said...

Very nice cloth bags, Deb....I can't decide which one I like the best.

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