Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lance Armstrong! For real!

Hi all,
Sunday on Fathers day I had the best opportunity!
Our little town was holding their annual bike race and lo and behold Lance Armstrong decided to take part this year!!!
I've been following Lances career and life over the years but never
thought I'd get to see him in person, so this was very exciting!
(He's the rider to the right of the motorcycle, in the gold yellow and black, his livestrong colors)

Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven times now and is the current record holder for that event, he's now going to try for an eighth win soon. And if I were a betting woman, I'd place my bets on him, that's for sure!
I've heard the comments here and there that Mr. Armstrong is not always such a polite and sweet guy, but anyone who can raise millions of dollars for cancer research, fight with all his being to survive testicular and brain cancer and also win the Tour de France seven times is an amazing human being and I am without a doubt sooooo thrilled that I got to witness him
in his element.

Thank you Lance Armstrong, for never giving up and giving us all a super Fathers day afternoon.

talk to you soon,


Jeanette said...

GO LANCE!!! for real :) I am a huge fan as well. Is her for sure done with the Tour?

Fete et Fleur said...

WOW! What treat!! You got some wonderful photos too. Have a beautiful weekend.


TinyBear said...

Hi Deborah
When you have the time - pop over to my blog -I have awarded you

CJD said...

wow, I am a fan too. Ever since my DH introduced me to Cycling in 1998 I have watched the Tour every year. I LOVE Lance. Great pictures.