Friday, December 12, 2008

And the winner of the Tea Party Tea Cup is......


You are my tea party giveaway winner!

I reached into my little vintage tea pot and pulled out your name!
So, keep an eye out for a package to arrive in your mailbox soon. :)
Hope you enjoy the tea cup and goodies. also has a wonderful shop over on the handmade site called etsy and if you get a chance make sure you check out her shop!
She creates some of the most wonderful totes and purses. My fav in her shop is this black and white french toile bag. Isn't it darling?
So, scoot right over there when you get a chance, you'll be happy you did.

Toile Country Shoulder bag
Toile Country Shoulder bag

and for those of you who stayed til the very end of the tea, you got a chance to win this cute little tea bag holder. Only three of you took on this challenge, lol. It involved counting!
Even I had a difficult time with this one!
So, how many times did the word Tea appear in four of the posts?
Welllll, it was 82.
And the winnnnnerr is.........


She guessed 84, there were two other guesses of 78 and 79! So, everyone was really close.
Soooo, yippee for Yippeevintage :)
Expect a package in your mailbox soon, yippee. also has a shop on etsy, where she sells beautiful vintage jewelry, so make sure you get a chance to check out her shop too.
Here's one of my favs from her store.

filigree and rhinestone... ring

filigree and rhinestone... ring

Hope you all had a fun time at the tea party. I sure did!
We had 15 guests at the actual tea and a few others who came later, so it was a
very fun party.
I'm thinking of giving another tea sometime in the Spring, so if you couldn't make it this
time, maybe you'll be able to join us then. There will be fun giveaways too :)

Remember to take a little time out of your busy Christmas season to partake in a bit of tea and ponder on all of lifes blessings.
Talk with you soon,


Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

YOU are absolutely the sweetest Person I know! Your smile just radiates Happiness & peace to me : ) & its a good feeling I need right now!
Thank you!
One day I would LOVE to meet with you for tea at a real wonderful cafe in Paris! im sure you know of one.. : )
ohhh I like Nacy Regan's Quote! ;)
Joelle XO

yippeevintage said...

Yay ~ how fun!! Thank you so much! :)

xo Angela

mimi said...

Oh Congratulations to JoyAnna and Yippeevintage!!! I had such fun yesterday. Thank you again Deborah for inviting me to tea. I will look forward to your Spring tea party!!
Hugs to you

ArtSnark said...

Congrats! The party was a great idea! Loving that ring, too :D