Monday, August 25, 2008

I want to go back on my Vacation!

Hi all,
Now you can see why I want to go back!
Our whole week was spent on this private dock (ok, some of the time we were in the house too!)
but we all really did hang out alot on the lake, because it was just soooo gorgeous!
The weather was perfect, somedays, a little windy, but that kept it from getting too hot.
We had 5 kayacks with us, so whenever we wanted to take a little stroll on the water, we did!
Doesn't my hubby look so relaxed and pensive out on the water?
and the sunset was awesome!
Only the Creator of all time can paint like that!
I couldn't resist showing you all my daughter out on the edge of the pier enjoying the peace and quiet, and I think my son was permanentely attached to that kayack the whole week!

Here is the view from one of our hikes. Which eventually led us to a crystal clear lake. It almost, (i said almost) made me want to camp here!
and for those of you who know me, that is a huge statement!!!! lol

You know how some vacations, even though they are great, make you so happy to get home?
Well, this was not one of them! We really truly did not want to go home!
But real life did call us all back to our schedules and such, but this is one vacation none of us will ever forget.
Hope you also had a fantastic summer and made memories that will last a life time.


Catnip Studio said...

Deborah, such beautiful photographs you take! Looks like a great vacation spot :-) Kathy

SadieAndLeo said...

Looks so beautiful! Reminds me of growing up on my lake in New Hampshire, thank you for sharing your joy with us.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Deborah, thanks for your sweet comments on my tin.

Well, your photos are gorgeous so no wonder you wouldn't want to come home from this vacation..I know I wouldn't. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and you'll all have to go back next time you have a vacation week coming. Just beautiful surroundings.


Couture de Papier said...

Beautiful photos! I was craving trees and the forest this summer even though I live on the ocean!Thank you for comment on wedding blog any ideas on how to get it out there..the blog?