Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new muse, ACEO's

Hi all!!
Today, I want to show you my latest art creations! They are called ACEO's.

You may ask "what is an ACEO" and I will answer they are tiny works of art!

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions, and Originals". The cards have one main rule and that is that they must measure 3.5inches by 2.5inches the size of a trading card. Just like the baseball trading cards.

Art cards were originally meant to be traded and in fact they still are, the difference is that ATC's are traded only, and ACEO's are sold.

The cards are sold as originals or editions. If it's a print it should say so somewhere in the description and all ACEOs and ATC should be signed and dated on the back.

Art cards have been around for a long time and were really popular in the 1600's.

In the impressionist days, the artists would trade cards amongst themselves so they could study each others styles and techniques. They even used the cards to trade for food, supplies or lodging.

Then in 1887 "baseball" cards started to appear and in the 1960's the size of the card was regulated to it's 2 1/2x 3 1/2 size.

Today, there is a resurgence of trading cards and I am loving them too!

There is no limit to their designs. You can paint on them, rubberstamp them, collage on them, draw on them, etc. Your imagination is free to fly!!

If you find that special ACEO that you just totally love then you can even frame them! They are definetely little works of art, so don't underestimate them just because they are small.
Some collectors have hundreds in their collections!!!

Hope you enjoy looking at mine, because I am loving creating them!

talk with you all soon,


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Well, I just LOVE your creations!! Great job Starry!!

Jean Knee said...

I never knew what the initials stood for. yours are great