Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art and the City!

view from treasure island
Hi all,
My trip to San Francisco last week was amazing!
The views, the ocean, the art...... should I say more?
And I didn't even mention the Giants game at one of the most picturesque ball parks in America!
(which they won by the way)
It was a bit bizarre though with a temperature of 98 degrees, which San Franciscans are not prepared for at all! We actually had been hoping for a bit of fog but none was to be found, lol.
But plenty of blue sky, gorgeous sparkling water and sweet scented sea air filled our senses to perfection and that is a keeper.
Enjoy the photos,


georgia o'keefe

chihuly, amazing glass artist!

so romantic
waters edge towards alcatraz
att park

my fav player on the giants, andres torres

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the winner is.....

Congrats to Joann in New York!
I've always wanted to visit that big city and to know that my little package is on it's way there is exciting, makes me feel like a bit of me is going there too :)
Joann also has a blog and it's called "vintage dragonfly", so when you get a chance, fly on over there and check out her posts, you'll be happy you did.
Enjoy the lavendar Joann,

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lavendar fields forever and giveaway! I'll pick a winner Saturday, the 21st.

Hi all,
Hope you enjoyed my last post all about tags and the great shops on etsy that were featured, if you've never created any on your own, just try it sometime. They are pretty quick, simple and fun. And when you need a gift tag for that someone special, voila! you are ready to go :)

Now on to the Lavendar!!!
And yes I know the common spelling of lavendar usually is spelled with "er" at the end. And I guess now in our modern age, it is considered obsolete to spell it with the "ar" spelling, but myself and many others are trying to bring the romantic old world spelling back, so lavendar with an "ar" it is for me.
Last weekend my daughter Juliet and I visited some of  our family who live in Mt. Shasta, California and one of our excursions for the day was to visit the near by lavendar farm, and what a lovely excursion we had.
The trip from their house is about 20 minutes away up through the winding roads of open range dotted with mountain brush and livestock with Mt. Shasta looming over the land, still topped with winter snow on it's peaks. Beautiful.
Arriving at the farm is magical, and as we stepped out of the car, the warmth of the day and the light breeze blowing over the valley caused the lavendar aroma to permeate our spirits and our senses full force. We all stopped and took in a deep breathe! Wonderful !
And on top of that, the view was breath taking as well!

Mt. Shasta juts up into the background sky and the valley view of farms and landscape alongside  of rows and rows of lavendar stopped us all in our tracks as we paused and took in the moment.
The owners of the farm have done a lovely job of bringing an European touch with the villa inspired shop and a gorgeous water fountain.  For a moment I actually thought I was back in France!
We got to pick our own lavendar to take home, which was such a treat and ice cold Lavendar lemonade was served to all the visitors, delicious!!!
The farmers were also harvesting the lavendar into oil while we were there visiting and they told us that they only get 6 gallons of lavendar from the whole field each year! Now I know why lavendar oil is a bit pricey.
But well worth it :)

Hope you enjoyed the lavendar farm excursion and the photos, and in honor of such a wonderful trip I am having a lavendar giveaway! Just leave a comment on my blog and your name will be entered into the drawing. I'll include a bit of the lavendar that I picked and some other fun lavendar inspired goodies.