Sunday, March 11, 2012

My first art showing!

Hi all,
Last Wednesday I installed my first collection of collages in a local ice cream shop called Treats. Excitement and nervousness all rolled into one on that morning. Why you ask? Because it's always been a dream and a goal of mine to get my art work out there in the "real world" for public eyes to see. A dream filled with hope and joy but  a dream and goal filled with apprehension and vulnerability as well. It's a scary thing to put yourself out there for strangers to see and critique but at the same time it is exciting to know people are seeing my creativeness and hopefully they also will find joy viewing my art.
Thankfully my sister in law Becky came along to help me because it took a bit longer then I thought it would to get everything into place, hanging correctly and taking pics. You don't just go in and hang the art on the wall lol.
The owner of the shop Peggy was there also and had such encouraging words for me and my collages. She had asked me to do a collection of whimsical sweet treat pieces and it was great to know she was happy with the results.
I love it that her customers can come in to enjoy a scoop of ice cream or sweet treat and a little bit of art all at once!
Hope you enjoy seeing my sweet treat collection,
cute enough to eat!

The whole collection!